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Age of mythology the boardgame

age of mythology the boardgame

The Explore Action may be used to increase the number of production tiles a player has in their Production Area.
On each turn, players must allot three victory points to one of four special victory point cards: the "Largest Army the "Most Buildings and the Wonder, which are only claimed at the end of the game, or "Won the Last Battle claimed during a player's.The core mechanic are the Action Cards: the Permanent Action Cards may be chosen as needed, but tend to have weaker effects compared to the Random Action Cards.A fost lansat pentru prima oar.Merchant ships count as "wild-cards" for the purposes of set arrangement with trade goods, though no set may use more than one merchant ship.Colonist Dock, which moves colonists played there to regions of the board that already have been discovered.When players attempt to discover new regions, players must commit a number of colonists to the discovery of an area.Tropical Games, and is currently distributed by Drover's own publishing company, Eagle Games.
Unlike the video games, however, players play for victory points, which may be earned by winning battles, by trading resources for them, having the largest army at the end of the game, having the most buildings built at the end of the game,.

Dup aceea, eroii se duc în Scandinavia, unde se întâlnesc cu Folstag, un gigant de ghea, fost bandit i inamic al lor, dar acum devenit rege al giganilor i protector al scandinavilor, le cere ajutorul pentru al înfrânge pe titan.Epoca Legendar, poate construi o poart a titanilor titan Gate din care poate face un titan.Specialists are colonists which give extra benefits when assigned to specific tasks - for example, a captain, when assigned to Discovery, counts as two plugin form after effects colonists, while a soldier may be deployed to defend colonies.De reinut este i faptul c o civilizaie poate face un singur titan, iar dac acesta este ucis nu mai poate fi recuperat.O alt caracteristic a jocului este c fiecare civilizaie, odat ajuns.Acum, Krios îi arat un alt pasaj ceresc lui Kastor, pe unde tebuie s plece s distrug un mare templu din Sikyos, dar Kastor afl c pasajul ducea defapt pe Muntele Olimp.În scurt timp, apare Arkanto, ce le spune c titanul de aici nu este singurul, au mai aprut înc doi, unul în Egipt i unul în Scandinavia, i le spune s îi opreasc întâi pe aceea.