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Base sims 2 game

base sims 2 game

Polygon Counts: The Cheap Ezzzzzze Morrissey Single Bed - 1314 The Cheap Ezzzzzze Morrissey Upper Bunk - 1498 Craftmeister's Pine Upper Bunk - 1272 Caress of Teak Uper Bunk - 2392 Additional Credits: SimPE - CEP - gimp - Milkshape - UV Mapper - The.
Okay, so it is not quite bunk beds, it is upper bunk beds that sketch programs for windows can be added to the single beds to make bunk beds.
Caress of Teak Upper Bunk : Cloned From: The 'Grand Trianon Upper Bunk' by The "Dream Team".
Craftmeister's Pine Upper Bunk : Cloned From: The 'Grand Trianon Upper Bunk' by The "Dream Team".I forgot to take screenshots with shadows on, sorry I will add them later.The "Dream Team" for 'The Grand Trianon Collection' EveSims96 for requesting this series of Bunk Beds.The child who owned the top bunk always picked the top bunk.At first, I did not think it worked, because everyone in the house, including those new photoshop tutorials 2013 with Smart Bed-assigned beds elsewhere in the house, tried to pick that one new top bunk.ETA : Many thanks to natboopsie for testing the bunk bed and sharing her results.
Along with Smart Beds, I use TJ's Community Sleep Plugin for Smart Beds.

I'm delighted to report that those DO work for me with Smart Beds, at least in the one house I tested.The Cheap Ezzzzzze Morrissey Single Bed : Cloned From: The Craftmeister's Pine Bed.Files have been compressed and checked in game.You can clone pets too!33 Comments / replies who?It may have Recolours hosted on MTS - check below the description for more information.
Go into buy or build mode and click on your sim, hold shift and click on the lot.