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Bioshock infinite save game xbox

bioshock infinite save game xbox

If you are connected to Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network on your console, this should not be an issue, as logging in should auto-correct your system time (on PS3, this is true if you have chosen "Set Automatically" in the Date and Time Settings).
How your saves would look to Bioshock Infinite: Day 1: Play for four hours, last save is at 4pm on November 21, 2005.
Please check the time and date launcher pro plus 0.8.6 serial to verify that they are correct.Not a Chance, absolutely.Change the clock settings.So try our Save Game free examples and give this extra boost your game.So what might have happened was you started playing Bioshock Infinite online, giving autosaves a date in April of 2013, and then continued playing offline, giving your autosaves a date of November 21, 2005.If this isn't an option, navigate to the Load option instead of using Continue.Started Playing Online, Continued Playing Offline.Please take one second and rate this download.
You go to "Continue" your game the following day, but Bioshock sees that your most recent save date was in April 2013, taking you back to the beginning of Chapter.
You continue the next day while not connected to the internet, making it through chapter.

We are sorry, but this section of our site is for.I see this as one of two potential issues.Day 3: Hit continue, game loads save from 4pm on November 21, 2005 since that is the most recent save date.Brad L, september 05, 2015 16:43, if you are experiencing an issue with BioShock Infinite where the autosave feature appears to skip some save points, it may be related to your console's system time and date settings.All saves dates are in April 2013.Press the, guide button on your controller,.Chapters 9-12 have save dates of November 21, 2005.
This would also be earlier in the storyline for you.