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Creating watermark logo in photoshop cs5

creating watermark logo in photoshop cs5

I used Myriad Pro as my font at a ipad ios 5 development essentials pdf size of 90 points.
Highlight it, then hold Alt/Option and click on the line between the two layers.It's blocking much of the image from view.The object is to client information form template create a drop shadow so that the text is visible over any colored background including white.Note : to make a copyright symbol on a Windows computer, hold the ALT key down while you type these numbers on the number pad: 0169.Again ensuring that all the visible layers are selected go effects in the layers palette adjust a bevel and emboss to suit what you are after then hit OK and change the blend mode to hard light.Go up to the, file menu at the top of the screen and select.A vertical would be 400 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall.Depending on the size of your image you may need to adjust or move the image around to suit the image.Change the text size to fill up the box.
Click anywhere on the image and type your copyright notice.
Adding a Logo Watermark, if you're a professional photographer, blogger, or enthusiast with your own logo, you can use that as your watermark rather than plain text.

DO NOT change THE file name if you do when you play the batch it will name all the files it saves the same over-writing each other.Step 2: Type Your Copyright Information.The watermark is ok as it stands, but it's not particularly subtle and really draws the eye.Photoshop CS5: Batch Processing Watermarks on Multiple Images.It's a little bit more involved but can be really effective.I'm going to enter 6 inches for the width, 4 inches for the height, and 300 pixels/inch for the resolution.Open your watermark file.Don't worry about the font, size, position, or colour for now; we'll change all of these in a minute.What software do you use to create and apply them?Applying a watermark in Photoshop is quick and easy.I'd recommend sticking to a simple black and white logo wherever possible.
This will allow you to add it with a single click, or even run a batch process on several images to add it to all of them.
You should now be left with a light logo, as below.