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Far cry 1 save game pc

far cry 1 save game pc

Where is that data located?
Toggle Extra Information.As Jason Brody, players slash, sneak, detonate and shoot their way across the island in a world that has lost its understanding of whats right and wrong.How to install the savegame?to be removed, Input:BindAction savepos "f9 "default Input:BindAction loadpos "f10 "default "f8 1 - to be removed - removed - removed - temp variables for functions below - prev_speed_walkp_speed_walk; prev_speed_runp_speed_run; prev_speed_walk2p_speed_walk; prev_speed_run2p_speed_run; default_speed_runp_speed_run; screenshotmode0; function ToggleAIInfo if (not aiinfo) then aiinfo1; else aiinfo1-aiinfo; end.end end function IncreseSpeed if tonumber(p_speed_walk) 500 then p_speed_walkp_speed_walk5; p_speed_runp_speed_run5; System:LogToConsole Incresed player speed by 5 else System:LogToConsole You can not go any faster!In Far Cry 3, players assume the role of Jason Brody, a figure alone at the edge of the world, stranded on a mysterious tropical island.
If you can bind the command to an unused key, you will be able to quicksave any time with a press of the button.
Gives 999 ammo.

Submitted by Chris Cheng Next Main Page Previous Enemies.The game's protagonist is trying to save his friends in this game by the help of the native people of the island named the.Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom).Submitted by Lawrence Cade Just add -devmode to the end of the executable command line if the save command is not working.Put the 3 files in: C:ProgramDataOrbit46.Use a text editor (like Notepad.(save game location?).DynProp - deactivate collision, parameter is 0 or 1 end end function ToggleScreenshotMode if(screenshotmode0) then System:LogToConsole screenshotmode OFF- switch TO normal screenshotmode0; hud_crosshair "1" cl_display_hud "1" r_NoDrawNear "0" ai_ignoreplayer "0" ai_soundperception "1" r_DisplayInfo "1" else ON screenshotmode1; hud_crosshair "0" cl_display_hud "0" r_NoDrawNear "1" ai_ignoreplayer "1".Cl_display_hud 1 cl_drunken_cam 0, thirdPersonView 0 -p_model - Developer Cheat keys - - non standard key bindings - - Please newer use F9,F10 keys (reserved ban ghost win xp sp3 v5 for debug purposes) (Vlad) - - this is now bindable.
Gives all weapons BackSpace.