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Liquor act 2007 nsw

liquor act 2007 nsw

The sale of liquor in Australia, whether retail or wholesale, is regulated by laws that vary from state to state.
11 In Victoria, if a minor is caught with alcohol in public it can be confiscated and guardians notified of the offence, and a fine may be imposed.These are obtained by restaurants and clubs that do not intend to hold a liquor licence, or do not sell and supply liquor themselves.Section 28 Liquor Act 2007 Certain rock file manager pro ota Licensed Premises Not to be Open to Public.The BAC must be zero).Section 8 Liquor Act 2007 Unlicensed Premises.Western Australian alcohol laws only allow the following identification as legally accepted proof-of-age in licensed premises: 3 18 19 Current Western Australian driver licence or a driver licence issued by an Australian state or territory government Current Western Australian learner driver permit card Current passport.

New laws which came into effect late 2011, require parental permission to be given to any adult serving alcohol to minors, under a penalty of 7,000.4, victoria edit, alcohol may not be sold.Section 23 Liquor Act 2007 Disclosure of Business Activity.Newly registered clubs (those that were formed after ) require a community impact statement and are subject to the standard trading period, although it is possible to apply for the period to be extended; Limited licences allow alcohol sales for consumption at a function, such.Liquor Licence Conditions, conditions are imposed on every type of licence and must be complied with.A general bar hotel licence is also available for bars that do not sell takeaway alcohol.
The NSW Government is currently considering an update of the states liquor laws following a review carried out last year.