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Tiberian sun resolution changer game

tiberian sun resolution changer game

There are several workarounds.
Now, go ahead and read the page if you acer all in one pc 27 inch want to, but wouldn't it be much more convenient if you just whitelisted us?Exe files from the Tiberian Sun program folder to the list of applications excluded from skinning."But I never click ads!" - Doesn't matter, you should only click them if they interest you.Furthermore, since the software that facilitated this copy protection caused security vulnerabilities, Microsoft have since patched it out in Windows 7 and 8 too.No need to track down an old CD-ROM this time!Now it is just a matter of filling in the appropriate resolution and saving the file.Tiberian Sun is a DirectX game, so use dgVoodoo2 in DirectX mode.Having chatted with a number of players and watched a few videos etc I can see that the majority play with a much higher resolution.All Windows 8 and Windows 10 users should install either this patch or dgVoodoo2, irrespective of what version of the game was installed.Without this fix, the main menu options in the game will not work and you will be unable to start a game.This problem should not occur if you downloaded the game from cncnet.As you can see, things get pretty small, though eagle eyed commanders will gain tamil songs lyrics in tamil font an advantage by having such a wide view of the battlefield.Unofficial first decade patch.
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You may find it difficult to see your digital soldiers when running the game at 1080p.If your PCs is a little older and cant run dgVoodoo2, you should download the special.Facebook Google Pinterest Linkedin.Using dgVoodoo2 also makes Tiberian Sun compatible with several neat in-game tools, such as Nvidia Shadowplay.Alternatively, download the pre-patched version of the game from the link given at the beginning of this article.They don't include auto-playing audio either, they really won't spoil your enjoyment of the site.A word of warning before you do this.If you have difficulty saving the file, you may not have write access to the games installation folder.For 1080p, use ScreenWidth1920 and ScreenHeight1080.Hi all, Does anyone know whether you can adjust the screen resolution for Tiberian Sun on cncnet for Windows 8?
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