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Two player action games for pc

two player action games for pc

It is another best game in the list of best action games for.
We can use various weapons and gadgets in order to progress in the story mode.
All offer some great storylines and a nice gta chennai city game mix of combat, adventure, and problem solving.
You play the role of a heavily-armed robot bomber, and have to dominate the large Pacman-esque grid using a strong combination of smart bomb placing strategy, and good defensive movement.It is available for Windows, PlayStation 3, 4, Xbox one and Xbox 360.How to Play: Select to play in 1 Player Mode or 2 Player Mode.Of course things don't necessarily go as planned and players encounter a new type of Resident Evil enemy called the Majini.Ask your friends to vote too.This game revolves around the Agent.
We can also unlock different abilities by earning more points for our player.
Enjoy the battle extraordinaire!

In this game the division take place in the mod crisis Manhattan which is an open destructive world to explore for player.You can see the status / upgrade level of all of the robots along the left side of the game zone.We can play different types of games on our PC or laptops.It is another popular game in the list of action games for.But the action games for PC are very popular among the youngsters.Another tactic is to pin an opponent where they cannot escape the radius of two closely placed bombs.Being an Action Role Play Game, it offers high quality graphics with easy to play interface.